About This Blog

On the threshold of a mid-life crisis I look back and sideways in my life and question events and my surroundings. Sometimes it feels as if my life’s script is being written by a 5 year old with acute Attention Deficit Disorder suffering a severe bout of writers’ block. This blog is my mind deposit for things I remember, observe, things that occur, conversations I have, jokes, or the occasional flashes of genius that come to me in the mornings while staring at my nakedness in the mirror. These are just reflections of the past years, observations of the present and attempts at gazing into the future. This blog is not to tell you how to think or live your life but to incite thought and discussion about the world that is and that beyond. If you enjoy reading this and in some way are reassured of your sanity, then my work on earth is done. So lets dance people. . . .



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